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Цивилизация онлайн, лучшая браузерная игра 2011
Зарегестрируйся по моей ссылке,заходи за Персию и получишь помощь в игре, а также защиту на начальном этапе.

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Класная игра

2 MaryTenderLOS   (27.12.2011 11:26)
Disney Princess toys. The most popular website for Disney magic, Disney figurines and disney castles Go Diego Go toys. Smokey is a freewheeling friend with movable hoses that spray water mist and expandable ladders and sensors that respond to a child's movements. In light of these facts and other recently published reports concerning kids toys, common sense would dictate that the only truly safe refuge for this holiday seasons kids toys shopper lies with traditional toys and wooden toys.

1 MaryTenderLOS   (21.12.2011 07:49)
This year is the Dancing Teletubbies that will be one of the favourites for the Christmas. Only a millionaire with unlimited storage space could buy enough toys to satisfy his insatiable curiosity about things. Germs can linger after play dates and your kid can very easily catch a cold from his sniffling pal that he played legos with that day.

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